Akira Ifukube - Space Amoeba [Eco Vinyl, Black Light Reactive Sleeve]

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Vinyl LP pressing. Toho, the creators of Godzilla, unleash Space Amoeba aka Gezora-Ganime-Kameba: Kessen! Nankai No Daikaijû! A space probe is lost while on it's way to the planet Jupiter but returns to Earth after being overtaken by a deadly and dastardly single-celled organism. The organism then mutates into giant kaiju that mimic a cuttlefish, a stone crab, and a matamata turtle, and uses these destructive forms in their plan to take over the planet. The only thing that stands between humanity and the insidious invertebrates is a group of photographers doing recon for a tourism company! Directing, of course, is the legendary Ishirō Honda (Mothra, Rodan) alongside producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, with the dreamy Akira Kubo (Destroy All Monsters) as photographer Kudo. As with GODZILLA, Honda recruited the great Akira Ifukube to compose the thrilling score, and Ifukube brought his trademark innovation and dramatic grandeur. The title theme is beautifully distinctive, mixing thick brass and low piano to match the destruction of the kaiju with higher horns and trumpet, providing a lighter contrast. Ifukube scores action and horror with his iconic lumbering colours but provides suspense with piano and otherworldly strings, with a unique slithering theme for the evil amoeba. Another Ifukube triumph!



  • 1 Main Title
  • 2 Launching of the Helios
  • 3 The Helios Heads Into Outer Space
  • 4 The Helios in Crisis
  • 5 The Return of the Helios
  • 6 The Appearance of Gezora
  • 7 The Background Music Onboard
  • 8 Strange Lights in the Cave
  • 9 Gezora Attacks
  • 10 The Prayer of Selgio Island
  • 11 Undersea Probe
  • 12 Undersea Probe II
  • 13 The Helios Underwater
  • 14 The Terror of Gezora
  • 15 Gezora Comes Ashore
  • 16 Gezora Vs the Humans
  • 17 Cosmic (Or Space) Lifeforms
  • 18 The Appearance of Ganime
  • 19 Cosmic (Or Space) Lifeforms Onboard
  • 20 Obata and the Space Lifeform
  • 21 Obata and the Space Lifeform II
  • 22 The Wedding Ceremony
  • 23 Remains of the Dead Bat(S)
  • 24 The Appearance of Kameba
  • 25 Obat's Resistance
  • 26 Ganime Vs Kameba
  • 27 Ending Space Amoeba
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