Anais Mitchell - Hadestown (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

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A1   Road To Hell 5:17
A2   Any Way The Wind Blows 3:45
A3   Come Home With Me 1:47
A4   Wedding Song 3:33
A5   Epic I 3:12
A6   Livin' It Up On Top 5:29
B1   All I've Ever Known (Intro) ("In Spite Of Herself...") 0:40
B2   All I've Ever Known 4:03
B3   Way Down Hadestown 5:00
B4   A Gathering Storm 1:33
B5   Epic II 2:26
B6   Chant 6:31
C1   Hey, Little Songbird 3:32
C2   When The Chips Are Down (Intro) ("Songbird vs. Rattlesnake...") 0:20
C3   When The Chips Are Down 2:14
C4   Gone, I'm Gone 1:41
C5   Wait For Me (Intro) ("Hey, The Big Artiste...") 1:31
C6   Wait For Me 3:34
C7   Why We Build The Wall 4:00
C8   Why We Build the Wall (Outro) ("Behind closed doors...") 0:57
D1   Our Lady Of The Underground 5:24
D2   Way Down Hadestown (Reprise) 3:50
D3   Flowers 3:31
D4   Come Home With Me (Reprise) 1:01
D5   Papers (Intro) ("You're Not From Around Here, Son") 1:53
D6   Papers (Instrumental) 1:13
D7   Nothing Changes 1:11
E1   If It's True 4:13
E2   How Long? 3:41
E3   Chant (Reprise) 4:01
E4   Epic III 5:51
E5   Epic III ("They danced...") [Instrumental] 1:39
E6   Promises 2:43
F1   Word To The Wise 1:20
F2   His Kiss, The Riot 3:03
F3   Wait For Me (Reprise) (Intro) ("If You Wanna Walk Out Of Hell...") 1:36
F4   Wait For Me (Reprise) 3:12
F5   Doubt Comes In 4:51
F6   Road To Hell (Reprise) 5:05
F7   We Raise Our Cups 2:05
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