Asking Alexandria - See What's On Their Inside [Red Vinyl]

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Seventh album from hard rockers Asking Alexandria. Their nearly 2M Spotify followers, 6 Billboard 200 charting albums (3 appearing in the top 10) and past success at radio (singles on last album reached #3 and #7 on US Active Rock) have primed the band for success. Asking Alexandria is returning with a revival and a rebirth after spending the winter of 2021 living in the studio, the first time band had spent a period alone together writing and recording in over a decade. The product is the truest album by the band yet.



  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Alone Again
  • 3 Faded Out
  • 4 Never Gonna Learn
  • 5 If I Could Erase It
  • 6 Find Myself
  • 7 You've Made It This Far
  • 8 See What's on the Inside
  • 9 Misery Loves Company
  • 10 Fame
  • 11 The Grey
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