Aurelio Voltaire - Ooky Spooky [Black, Magenta Vinyl]

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Aurelio Voltaire's 5th album from 2007

LP on 140-gram magenta and black marbled vinyl includes a full-color lyric sleeve. First time on LP, edition of 600 Remixed in 2021 by Aurelio Voltaire & Tom Gardner at Rift Studios, NYC Includes a track from the Cartoon Network movie Billy and Mandy's Big Boogie Adventure Includes a duet with Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls  Returning to the original joyfully macabre multi-track recordings, Aurelio Voltaire completely remixes his 5th album. Sounding fresh, luscious and ever-so dark and spooky, hidden elements of the original recording are heard for the first time. There's a warmer string texture and enhanced overall sound.  "It's a Halloween party in a digipak," Voltaire comments about Ooky Spooky, his hilariously irreverent release. The album contains a duet with The Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer, a track from a Cartoon Network movie ("Billy and Mandy's Big Boogie Adventure") plus his crowd-pleasing songs about zombies, devils and dancing skeletons. In fact necrophilia, cannibalism, the undead, blasphemy, sacrilege and going to hell in a handbasket are just a few of the charming topics covered on Ooky Spooky. Carpe Noctem: "... what you might expect to hear while getting drunk at a Mexican restaurant in Transylvania on the Day of the Dead - that is, an inspired and irreverent mix of European folk and Spanish influences, with touches of swing, New Orleans jazz, country, and ska thrown in for good measure."  Back are the violins and cellos but new to the Voltaire sound is a horn section that brings to mind images of a mariachi skeleton band. But there is no doom and gloom here, mind you. The album bounces along with a mixture of klezmer, swing and ska that brings to mind such spooky-fun classics as Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" or "Hell" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers

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