Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever [2LP]

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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2021 release. Billie Eilish releases her highly anticipated sophomore album, Happier Than Ever. Continuing the tradition from her multi-Grammy Award winning, record-breaking debut, When We All Fall Alseep, Where Do We Go?, this 16-track studio album features no outside writers or producers and was written by Billie and her brother Finneas who produced it in LA. Includes hits singles, Therefore I Am, and My Future.



A1   Getting Older 4:04
A2   I Didn't Change My Number 2:38
A3   Billie Bossa Nova 3:16
A4   My Future 3:30
B5   Oxytocin 3:30
B6   Goldwing 2:31
B7   Lost Cause 3:32
B8   Halley's Comet 3:54
C9   Not My Responsibility 3:47
C10   Overheated 3:34
C11   Everybody Dies 3:26
C12   Your Power 4:05
D13   NDA 3:15
D14   Therefore I Am 2:53
D15   Happier Than Ever 4:58
D16   Male Fantasy 3:14
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