Capcom Sound Team - Resident Evil 0 [2LP]

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“70 tracks from original 2002 GameCube soundtrack composed by the Capcom Sound Team on 2xLP 180g black vinyl in a deluxe Gatefold Sleeve

Each soundtrack has been remastered specifically for these releases, and will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, 180g heavyweight vinyl LPs housed in striking gatefold sleeves. "



A1. Intro
A2. Zero
A3. Lullaby 1
A4. Depths of Insanity
A5. An Introduction
A6. First Zombie
A7. Encounter
A8. Zombie Dog
A9. Doubt
A10. Mimicry
A11. Lullaby 2
A12. Leechman 1
A13. SCP Battle
A14. Hatching
A15. Approaching Leeches 1
A16. Unease
A17. Mission
A18. Nightmare
A19. Zombie Edward
A20. Critical Point
A21. Training Facility Main Theme
A22. Twisting and Convulsing
B1. Training Facility 2
B2. Catch and Hang
B3. Centipede
B4. Training Facility 3
B5. Chess
B6. Dormitory Main Theme
B7. In the Torture Chamber
B8. Marcus' Ploy
B9. Predator
B10. Save Rebecca
B11. Melting
B12. A Mournful Dream of Scorching Heat
B13. Training Facility 4
B14. Massacre
B15. In the Cage Room
B16. Dormitory ̶ Chapel
B17. Lament: Success
B18. Lament: Failure
B19. Chapel Main Theme
B20. Air Raid
B21. A Lull
C1. Chapel 3
C2. Marcus' Memories
C3. Chapel 2
C4. Assault
C5. Approaching Leeches 2
C6. Leechman 2
C7. Assassin's Blade
C8. Proto Tyrant
C9. Billy's Past
C10. The Tyrant, Again
C11. Tyrant (T-002)
C12. Dormitory ̶ Treatment Plant
C13. Threat
C14. D·A·L·I
C15. The Last Whisper
C16. Zero Ver. 2
C17. Confrontation with Marcus
D1. Queen Leech
D2. Countdown
D3. Odd Lump
D4. Escape
D5. A Way Out
D6. A Flash
D7. Credits
D8. Ex-Game
D9. Results
D10. Beginning

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