Carnifex - World War X

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Limited gold colored vinyl LP pressing. Colossal swells erupt from a vast ocean of human suffering and universal dread and in their wake present to us the latest offering from the minds of Carnifex: World War X. Soul darkening, eye-bloodying, flesh crushing death metal is to be expected from this group of musicians, yet with the new album comes a unique notion of unavoidable hopelessness; the inevitable rot of mankind. Carnifex has stoked the coals and breathed a distinct power into World War X that boils over into subjects and sounds of human degradation. Nine blistering tracks are contained within World War X and each song is compiled of multiple menacing layers which are substantially longer than previous Carnifex songs. There is a noticeable gain in the complexity of song structure as they deliver you further into an audio-sensory sojourn. The title track opens the album and quickly ignites the tone of World War X both lyrically and musically. Much like a conversation, the song displays multiple, cynical points of view on the subjects of war, death, and certain destruction.



A1   World War X
A2   Visions Of The End
A3   This Infernal Darkness
A4   Eyes Of The Executioner
A5   No Light Shall Save Us
B1   All Roads Lead To Hell
B2   Brushed By The Wings Of Demons
B3   Hail Hellfire
B4   By Shadows Thine Held
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